The formula of well-structured marketing content.

The biggest disadvantage of viral marketing

In the early days of digital marketing, producing a great viral content was the big deal. The strategy was the following: create something different, outrages, surprising, funny or even disgusting and let it spread across YouTube, Facebook or other online channels. The rest of the job is led by the targeted audience.

This approach had one massive disadvantage. Most importantly, it generates huge peaks in website visits, clicks, views and brings solid attention to your company and in some cases, it increases the sales numbers. However, after this miraculous moment comes to an end, visitors will not return. In other words, investing in viral marketing is not a long-term strategic move.

Build long-term loyalty

You might be an experienced content marketer and this could be common sense for you, but good content actually means it triggers emotions in your audience. It could create excitement, enthusiasm, motivation or also empower with knowledge. This strategy rule is essential, as the content is like water which could disappear quickly through your fingers. Don`t get into the trap of one time projects and continue your efforts a long-term strategy.

Google shared its magical YouTube content strategy. It’s the most efficient content approach for marketers who want to create a community around their organisation YouTube channel. It’s called “Hero, Hub, Help (Hygiene)” addressing the 3 different types of content. Despite the fact it was originally applied in video marketing it is valid and working for any type of content such as blogs and online articles.

Depending on your overall content strategy, you can choose between the Hero, Hub, Hygiene, which is tailored for videos or also the Jonah Berger’s 6 “STEPPS” which is very powerful for writing articles.

Creating your video content around The Help Hub Hero framework exceptionally compliments the video marketing strategy and your video content won`t turn heads, it will ultimately inspire, attract and interest. It serves as a guide to segment your video content marketing.

Learn more about the Google Hero, Hub, Help approach and see examples.

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