How to improve your communications and content strategy - The 3H approach: Hero, Hub, Help.

What is Hero, Hub, Help?

The 3 Big H is the Google framework which stays in the foundation of YouTube`s video marketing model. It helps you structure your video content in 3 logical and strategic video styles. Each of them has its own goal and unique tone that, when combined together in an overall video content strategy, is extremely powerful and engaging.


The HERO video is the `Big Deal` weapon in your video marketing strategy. It`s in the heavy category productions which are created to `Wow` the audience and get your product, service or brand immediately noticed. Hero videos require a higher budget and consume more time than the other 2 video styles. However, a company usually releases such content a couple of times per year which is much less frequent than the Hub and Help videos which could be pushed on a weekly or daily basis. The best moments to push such content is at big corporate events or product launches and should be extremely interesting, entertaining, funny, exciting, and inspiring so it creates a buzz and brand awareness. The Hero content usually serves as a hook for the audience to interact with the Hub and Help video content later.



Hub videos are released on a regular basis and they are focused on your main and already attracted users. Their purpose is not only to maintain the genuine interest and “give a fresh perspective on your target’s passion points”, but also to show who you are, what you do and why you do it. Their mission is to transform your audience to loyal customers and are usually targeted to different demographic regions aiming to increase likes, shares, and followers on social media channels.


HELP (Hygiene)

Help videos always seem fresh and remain popular because they reflect on general and frequently asked questions by the crowd. The main difference from the Hub content is that instead of being pushed the Help content is pulled and always there for the audience who search answers. It also generates trust, loyalty and builds up your reputation as competent in your field. This on its own attracts users on a regular basis to get back and use you as their main source of information in the particular field.


How to engage with your target audience with video?

At MN Videos we classified different video styles bellow and put them together into Help, Hub and Hero bundles so you can get a better understanding of the YouTube framework and check the state of your video marketing strategy:

We know this concept kind of muddy the waters, but the truth is the more you can adopt earlier on, the better. In our next article, we`ll dig deeper into the Hero, Hub, Help “Pyramid” and explain the most important benefits of this framework as well how these different video styles are all interconnected.

Take action and start thinking strategically when posting videos on your business social channels in the future.

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