How to create an epic brand journey using the Hero Hub Help Video Content Pyramid

A successful content marketing strategy manages to form a long-lasting engagement with the target market. The power of Hero, Hub, Help approach hides in its substantial logical tactics ensuring exactly this.

The key in the so-called “Video Content Pyramid” is that it is created in a way that every type of content interacts with each other as well as with the users at different steps of the user journey.

The Hero content reminds us of the viral videos: it boosts the corporate brand awareness and grabs the targets audience attention in the short term. This attention results in increasing visitors and subscribers to the YouTube channel. However, there is one big difference. The main disadvantage of the viral video is that it temporarily brings your campaign KPI numbers up but unfortunately the results might not last long. While the Hero content gets continuous support by the Hub content.

The Hub content takes the lead after the release of the Hero video and retains the visitors. Don`t confuse the HERO videos with commercials.

Last but not least in the strategy efforts comes the Help (Hygiene) content which guarantees high SEO rankings in search engines. This will serve as a stable channel for new visitors who will be interested in different aspects of your business.

These are your market segments which will be exposed later to the HUB content. The usual tactic to convert new users to regular HUB content viewers is by using a subscription to newsletters or different Brand YouTube channels. Important for the HUB content is to design multiple content categories relevant for your different segments. As you gradually witness the involvement and response, it is worth creating new content ideas to retain and iterate the interconnected cycle.

The Help (Hygiene) content often uses current insights and trendy topics on a daily or weekly basis.

Yet another benefit of Google’s 3H Approach is that it brings together representatives of different teams. The social media manager, the producer, the marketers, the analyst, the strategy people end up working collaboratively together. The most valuable asset of your business is the people. Applying the cross-functional way of working is already bringing you the advantage of being creative, unique and with an unconventional approach. It also makes everyone involved, motivated and equally responsible for the project.

Content marketing is a strategy which many organizations try to use. However, they don`t plan strategically and have a holistic view of their content. Many companies use their efforts, time and marketing budgets without getting satisfying results.

The Hero, Hub, Help content marketing framework helps you retain your visitors and turn them into the engaged community. In the end, this is what brings financial value too.

Brands who do it perfectly:

Red Bull:

  • Hero: Red Bull get the whole world watching Felix Baumgartner’s leap from the edge of space.
  • Hub: After the big wow they kept their audience`s interest by allowing them to learn more about the man behind the parachute and his top freefalls.
  • Help: Final presentation of the interesting facts and figures from the jump in a intelligent sum up video.


  • Hero: The Volvo epic Van Damme video raised the bar with this masterwork which was watched 90 million times on YouTube.
  • Hub: To follow up then Volvo launched their YouTube channel Volvo Trucks which retained all truck enthusiasts with its entertaining content.
  • Help: At the end they focus on tech knowledge empowering videos such as the Volvo`s I-Shift Dual Clutch.

In the next Blog Articles we`ll try to investigate and share more examples of companies in Australia who adopted this technique fully or partially.

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