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Strong video editing is crucial in shaping viewer experiences and transforming visuals into compelling stories. It is what enables you to guide your audience’s emotions, hold their attention, and make an unforgettable impact.

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Moises Navarro Solera

Video Editor and Videographer

Proficient in end-to-end video production such as video editing, motion graphics, sound design, post-production, and colour grading. Moises has over 15 years experience producing videos with a background in “Filmmaking and Audiovisual Production” and the “Art of Photography”. Additionally, he’s passionate about understanding user behaviour and video SEO, leveraging this knowledge to create impactful videos.

What do our professional video editors do?

Our professional editors for video specialise from short-form to long-form videos, helping enhance your social media and web presence. Their strong attention to detail and deadline-driven work ensures high-quality results. They also bring creative thinking and effective communication to every collaboration, making your vision reality.


involves removing or trimming specific parts from the raw video footage, adding transitions to improve pacing, enhancing storytelling, and creating invisible cuts that maintain continuity in the final edited video.

B-roll (filler content):

we use additional footage to complement and strengthen the narrative of your video. This includes both in-house content and stock footage, expertly integrated to enhance the storytelling and visual appeal of your project.

Colour Correction:

Our team is skilled in colour grading techniques that can significantly enhance the mood and aesthetic of your video. From subtly adjusting hues to dramatically altering the overall look, we ensure that every frame fits perfectly with your vision.

Transcription, Subtitles and Closed Captions:

We offer to transcript your videos and we provide the choice to either burn the subtitles directly into the video or receive the SRT (SubRip) file. This allows you to adapt your subtitle usage based on the distribution channel, ensuring optimal accessibility and engagement for your target audience.

Logo Intros, Lower thirds, and title sequences:

Our team specialises in crafting professional visual elements for your video. Logo animation adds brand identity, lower thirds provide context, and title sequences engage your audience from the start.

Motion Graphics:

This type of montage involves creating animated graphics that give your video a more dynamic feel.

Multi Camera sync:

We sync multiple cameras and audio sources to choose the best shots, ensuring a seamless viewer experience. Ideal for events and podcasts.

Sound Design:

Good visuals are only half the story. Whether you need ambient sounds to set the scene, dramatic music to heighten tension or voice overs that communicate your message clearly – our audio experts can deliver.

Video Compression and Formatting:

We ensure that your video is optimised for various platforms, ensuring it looks and sounds its best, regardless of where it’s viewed.

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Our Advanced Video Post-Production Services

before ai generated bg MN VIDEOS ai generated bg MN VIDEOS

AI-Background Generation:

Utilising advanced AI technology, we can generate background scenes that fit seamlessly with your video content, providing endless creative possibilities.

Cleaning Background:

Our video editors have the expertise to enhance the visual appeal of your scenes by removing or adding people or objects from video, creating cleaner and more visually appealing backgrounds.

fx bg change before MN VIDEOS fx bg changeafter MN VIDEOS

Background Replacement:

We have the capability to entirely replace the background of your video, providing a fresh and relevant context that aligns with your video’s message and style.

Chroma Keying:

We excel at green and blue screen keying techniques, allowing us to replace the green screen background with any scene or visual element you desire, enhancing the overall look and feel of your video.

green screen on mobile man holding phone green screen after edit app on mobile man holding phone

Planar Tracking and Masking:

In our post-production, we’ve got advanced planar tracking for seamless integration and expert masking. Ideal for precise colour correction, object insertion, and smooth title integration.

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Types of video making

Watch our diverse video edits tailored for all your marketing needs—ranging from engaging promos to animated explainers, corporate testimonials, educational content and engaging social media visuals.

At MN Videos, we specialise in Non-Linear Editing. Unlike the older Linear Video Editing method, we work digitally, providing the freedom to manipulate footage at will. Say goodbye to tape cuts and film splicing – with us, it’s all about seamless, efficient editing.

The tools we use for our video editing and post-production

<strong>Adobe Premiere Pro:</strong>

Adobe Premiere Pro:

Our primary video editing software.

<strong>Adobe Photoshop:</strong>

Adobe Photoshop:

Fine-tuning visual elements.

<strong>Adobe After Effects:</strong>

Adobe After Effects:

Used for visual effects and motion graphics.

<strong>Adobe Ilustrator:</strong>

Adobe Ilustrator:

Crafting vector graphics and illustrations before the animation stage begins.

<strong>Adobe Audition:</strong>

Adobe Audition:

Ensuring high-quality audio.

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What is the video editing rate on MN VIDEOS?

Our video editing services start at a minimum charge of $150 AUD for 2 hours of editing. For a full-day of video editing, our pricing rate is $600 AUD, and for half-day, it’s $300 AUD. Please keep in mind that the time allocated for every video may vary depending on the complexity and specific requirements of your project. Feel free to contact us for a personalised quote that best suits your needs.

How long does it take to edit a video?

The time it takes to edit a video depends on various factors, such as the length and complexity of the desired editing style, and the specific requirements of the project. Our skilled video editor will make an estimate of the turnaround time once you choose the video editing service and we discuss the project together.

Can I provide my own video footage for editing?

Yes, you can provide your own video files, it doesn’t matter if they were shot with a mobile phone or created in a zoom meeting, we can edit and enhance the footage according to your specific requirements and preferences.

How can video editing help with video marketing?

It can enhance the storytelling, add branding elements, optimise for different platforms, and increase the overall impact of your marketing efforts.

Can MNVIDEOS edit 4k videos?

We can edit 4k, 6k and 8k videos.