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How to Make Stellar Self-Recorded Videos on Your Phone?

Ready to elevate your smart-phone videos to the next level? Our guide is here to help you maximise your phone’s capabilities, sharing expert tips for capturing stunning footage. While it may not rival professional cameras, these techniques will surprise you with their quality and versatility. Say goodbye to limitations and hello to creativity – let’s start filming yourself like a pro!

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What clothes are best for video recording?

When preparing for your recording session, pay attention to your wardrobe. Avoid wearing white clothes or busy patterns like stripes or square shapes, as they can be distracting on camera. Additionally, steer clear of clothing with visible brand logos and reflective accessories. Opt for outfits that are comfortable and neutral in colour to maintain focus on your message.

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How do I make my makeup look good on my camera?

Ensure your hair is properly styled, avoiding styles that obscure your face. If necessary, dry any excess moisture from your skin with a towel before applying make-up. Keep make-up light and matte to prevent your skin from appearing too shiny on camera.

What’s ideal for location and sound in self-recorded videos?

Select a room with ample depth to create a sense of space in your video.

Choose a quiet location for recording to minimise background noise. Avoid areas with air conditioners, televisions, radios, or other sources of noise. 

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How to light up your video effectively?

Utilise natural lighting whenever possible by positioning yourself close to a window. Avoid using yellow bulbs, as they can distort colours. Aim for a clean and well-lit background to enhance the overall quality of your video.

  • Embrace natural light: Position yourself near a window at 45-Degree Angle for the most natural lighting. Try to have one side more illuminated than the other.
  • Ditch the warm bulbs: Opt for cooler daylight bulbs if possible for a more natural look.
  • Background matters: A clean, uncluttered background is best to avoid distractions.
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How to ensure stable recordings?

  • Tripod time: If you’ve got a tripod, chuck it on! It ensures your video is steady and professional-looking.
  • Get creative: Don’t have a tripod? No worries! Keep your phone stable improvising with books, boxes, or anything else that can prop your phone up securely.

Tips for maximising video quality?

What are the Recommended iPhone camera settings?

  • Settings that set you apart:
    • Record in 4k video resolution at 25 or 30 frames per second (fps) for the best quality. (Settings > Camera > Record Video)
    • Disable HDR video as it can sometimes affect colour accuracy.
    • Enable grids and levels in your camera settings for better composition.
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  • Front or back camera? The rear camera generally offers better quality, but the front camera allows you to see yourself while recording.
  • Apple Watch trick: If you have an Apple Watch, use the Camera app on it as a remote viewfinder for your phone’s camera.
  • Mirroring magic: Cast your phone’s screen to a TV, iPad, or Macbook to use as a larger monitor while recording. (Remember to mute the volume!)
  • Settings that set you apart:
    • Record in 4k video resolution at 25 or 30 frames per second (fps) for the best quality. (Settings > Camera > Record Video)
    • Disable HDR video as it can sometimes affect colour accuracy.
    • Enable grids and levels in your camera settings for better composition.

What are the recommended Android camera settings?

Access your camera app settings (usually denoted by a cog icon) and enable 4k resolution at 25 or 30 fps for optimal quality.

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How to record like a pro?

  • What’s essential for framing shots?
    • Eye level is key: Place your phone at eye level for a natural and engaging perspective.
    • Go landscape: Record in landscape mode for better viewing on most screens. Avoid vertical recording. 
    • Rule of thirds: Imagine dividing your screen into a 3×3 grid. Place yourself on one of the intersecting points for a visually pleasing composition. (Enable the grid feature in your camera settings for this.) Frame the middle of your face in one of the blue dots.
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Last filming tips before you press the record button

  • Leave some breathing room: Allow 5 seconds of silence before you start talking to allow viewers to adjust.
  • Don’t look directly to the camera: Look a little bit to the side of the phone. If you framed yourself on left of the screen, look to the right of the phone. If you framed on the right look to the left.
  • Mistakes happen: Don’t stress if you make a small mistake. Simply take a breath, start fresh, and no need to stop the recording.
  • Test it out: Record a short test video (around 10 seconds) to ensure everything looks and sounds good before diving into your main recording.

By following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to creating high-quality, professional-looking self-recorded videos on your phone!

it’s time to move on to the editing phase!

Once you’ve captured your fantastic footage, To ensure the best quality for video editing, you need to upload your video to a cloud storage service and send me the link. This avoids any potential quality loss that can occur when sending videos through messaging apps like Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp that will shrink the quality.