Sharing the experiences and what your clients say about your business is like no other marketing video.


Live Eftpos - Bluebonnet BBQ

We produced a testimonial video for Live Eftpos by capturing honest and genuine reactions of business owners using their product. The goal was to highlight the key benefits and USPs of Live Eftpos by asking the right questions which trigger real experiences sharing. This video is hosted on Live Eftpos website and serves as a HUB and Help video for potential clients.

Bricklayer to Builder: David Valastro

Become a Bricklayer was a collaborative project where a series of videos were produced aiming to inspire young Australians to pursue a career in bricklaying. We produced and edited the series of videos which are a good example of Hero Help Hub content.

Live Eftpos - 124

We produced a testimonial video for Live Eftpos by capturing honest and genuine reactions of business owners using their product. The goal was to highlight the key benefits and USPs of Live Eftpos by asking the right questions which trigger real experiences sharing. This video is hosted on Live Eftpos website and serves as a HUB and Help video for potential clients.


A testimonial video is engaging and giving an autonomous opinion about the products or services you offer. As a result of such transparency with the market, you build trust and strengthen brand confidence. This type of video belongs to the Hub segment from the Google Hero, Hub, Help video content framework.



A testimonial video is remarkably more convincible than text and photos combined together. If created in the right way, testimonial video surpasses the blog content and written testimonials. Also, videos usually get 1,200% more shares than any other content. And the most important, being open to sharing what customers think about your brand, service or a brand will kick all your goals for generating trust, engaging with potential clients and increase website visits.


Being spontaneous and filming your clients without any script not only creates trust but also brings uniqueness and will distinguish the brand from the competitors. There would always be disbelief and hesitation among your target audience. Testimonial videos are one of the ways to overcome those objections and convert into leads. Remember, no scripts and “salesy” pitches.


FAB (Features, Advantages, and Benefits) is a famous and well-adapted technique in sales and marketing and also very important in video production. In the testimonial video context, you can visualise your product benefits by showing an example of clients` problems and how your product or service solves them. This will demonstrate your offering in a real situation and the viewers can reflect on it. If what you offer is intangible a combination with graphs and stats together with the interviewee is a good idea.


The most common application of testimonial videos is your HUB content from YouTube’s Hero, Hub, and Help content marketing approach. Which means you can upload and activate the testimonials among various digital channels. One of the most common and popular ways is to upload them on a special page on your website. Another effective way to engage with your audience is to use it in email marketing campaigns. Statistics prove that only mentioning the word video in an e-mail subject increases click-through rate by 13%.


Driven by passion, cross-media competence and creativity, we work with a variety of clients from around the world. We cover the whole value chain of video content marketing and its services from research, social media strategy, SEO, planning, idea generation, scripting, to full video production and post-production. In conjunction with creatively bringing your story to life, our marketing expertise means we readily understand your strategic objectives and can help you select the interviewee for your testimonial video, design the right interview questions, capture the genuine responses so the final result effectively reaches your target audience.




The first important consideration is who will be the person filmed. That’s the first task and the most important part of the process. Firstly, you need to have a close business relationship with the person and be aware of how happy and satisfied customers are. Secondly, you need to ask for their cooperation and how comfortable they feel about talking in front of a camera. The critical moment here is to balance between being a confident and natural, grounded person. The idea is not to exaggerate facts but to be honest, spontaneous and genuine.


The second important thing, unlike other marketing videos, where you need to write a script and create a storyboard, on the contrary in this scenario you need to do exactly the opposite. Don`t write a script, neither share it with the interviewee. What we recommend and usually do is to research the client and your business followed by a carefully curated questionnaire. We sit down together with you to create the questions and refine them.

free download testimonial video questionnaire template


Apart from recording your product or service champion, there is another element in the testimonial videos – the so-called filler content. The idea here is to avoid boredom and create visual cohesiveness. If your video edit includes only people talking about your business for a couple of minutes is not the most entertaining and well-presented information. You need to break the pattern with additional footage which could be from your office, the clients working environment, the actual product or manufacturing process etc. If filming on your clients’ premises, it is vital to ask for permission or official approval if it’s a construction site or other specific location.


The fourth important step is to align the testimonial video with your brand guidelines so it visually connects and works cohesively with other digital or print assets. In most cases, we work closely with marketing teams where they share the company brand guidelines in the format of a booklet or pdf. Then we sit down together with you and work on a couple of decisions such as the video styles, titles, any animations or video effects required.


To start with, like any marketing initiative, it is crucial for you to set clearly the key goal and what you want to achieve with this video. Accordingly, your objectives are guiding the questions and the order they will be presented to the interviewee. It’s a complex task to create the right questions, which answers assembled together, will bring the viewers to a short journey. Everything needs to link smoothly and connect with your audience. What we usually do in testimonial video is to touch base on 3 important aspects: a problem, a solution, benefits. Based on our experience this approach works in the most beneficial way for businesses. Revealing the problem will make other businesses connect emotionally and continue watching. Followed by the solution creates the transition with the product pitch. And last but not least some details about the product or service could be revealed.



  • At the start of the process you need to select the right person. What we mean by right: someone who is genuine, feels comfortable in front of camera and who the viewers can empathise and sympathise with.
  • The most important thing, as we shared earlier, is to forget the sales pitch and focus on the right questions. Everything else will come spontaneously and there is nothing better than that. The more natural and instinctive your interviewee is the more realistic and trustworthy the testimonial video will be.
  • When preparing your questions focus on the emotions and feelings which your product or service creates in your clients` experience. Use open questions starting with how, what, why and design them with possible answers in mind. We recommend leading to answers which aren`t very technical. It is vital to bring your viewers mind into a positive imaginary world where the problems are solved.
  • A good example is the moment when you are looking to buy a car. When you are at the car dealership the salesman doesn't talk about the mechanics in the air-conditioner. They just explain how you don't sweat when it`s 40C outside and your arrive fresh as a daisy at work.”
  • We recommend your interviewee to talk about comparison between your product and others on the market. However, try not to mention company, products or services names.
  • If you need assistance with designing the right questions we are here to help. Our team will sit down together with you and analyze the overall marketing strategy and make sure the possible answers will align with it.
  • After the interviewee and the questions you need to think about the location where to film the interview. We offer a dedicated production designer who is responsible for a polished and well-presented frame. Which in other words means that he or she prepares accordingly the look of the location, what picture to be hang on the wall, what colors, decoration etc. We believe that telling a story is not only through performance and dialogue, but through the cinematography, using techniques with lighting, camera movements and angles. If you don't want to use this service and do it yourself just remember to avoid boring and plain walls, noisy or too sunny outdoor location or boring meeting rooms.
  • An idea which we see very often is to interview more than one person or to film at two or more different locations. If you decide to do so consider that every other planning and equipment aspect of the filming will be affected: the number of cameras, lights and the location type. Also, the budget might increase due to spending additional time to move from one location to another and aligning multiple people schedules.
  • As we recommended earlier, don't use sales pitches or direct CTA messages. This will achieve the opposite effect. Maintain the genuine tone and if you want to encourage the viewers to interact with your brand anyhow, it needs to be done right. This is a tricky part and requires careful strategic planning which has the power to improve your conversion rates. Last but not least, it is also helping to measure the campaign success.
free download testimonial video questionnaire template

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