Creating your video content around The Hero Hub Help framework
exceptionally compliments the strategy and your video content
won`t turn heads, it will ultimately inspire, attract and interest.


The 3 Big H is the Google framework which stays in the foundation of YouTube`s own video marketing model. It helps you structure your video content in 3 logical and strategic styles. Each of them has its own goal and unique tone that when combined together in an overall video content strategy it is extremely powerful and engaging.


The HERO video is the `Big Deal` weapon in your video marketing strategy. It’s in the heavy category productions which are created to `Wow` the audience and get your product, service or brand immediately noticed. Hero videos require a higher budget and consume more time than the other 2 video styles. However, a company usually release such content a couple of times per year which is much less frequent than the Hub and Help videos which could be pushed on a weekly or daily basis. The best moments to push such content is at big corporate events or product launches and should be extremely interesting, entertaining, funny, exciting, and inspiring so it creates a buzz and brand awareness. The Hero content usually serves as a hook for the audience to interact with the Hub and Help video content later.


Hub videos are released on regular basis and they are focused on your main and already attracted users. Their purpose is not only to maintain the genuine interest of the users but also to show who you are, what you do and why you do it. Their mission is to transform your audience to loyal customers and are usually targeted to different demographic regions aiming to increase likes, shares and followers on social media channels.


Help videos always seem fresh and remain popular because they reflect on general and frequently asked
questions by the crowd. The main difference from the Hub content is that instead of being pushed the Help content is pulled and always there for the audience who search answers. It also generates trust, loyalty and builds up your reputation as competent in your field. Which on its own attracts users on regular basis to get back and use you as their main source of information in the particular field.




Using videos from the whole Hero Hub Help Spectrum significantly empowers your video content strategy. It strengthens your actions by bringing reliability and a more specific strategy concept for each tier. Using the Hero Hub Help approach you start and close the Customer Experience cycle and exactly this closed cycle engages the users. Managing and executing the strategy becomes much easier, smooth and hassle-free. Different content bundles together with the production, research and goals setting could be planned and organized individually. This type of breaking down allows you to identify and control key strengths and weaknesses on time.


In reverse, this approach uses unified goal and aligned strategy across the three tiers which enables your video content marketing to build up, emphasise or link logically between the multi-tier narratives towards a common goal.

Trust, Awareness and Loyalty

The starting point of the brand awareness wave is the Hero content which triggers the followers activity and interaction with the Hub and Help content. Hero video is crucial as it leads the influential process and most importantly creates self-reinforcing positive reactions and shares. The power of Hero content doesn’t stop here because it is building up with every new release.




When creating your video content plan and preparing for launch based on the Hero Hub Help framework you will face some of the following challenges.

Act like a Youtuber

Try to put yourself in the shoes of a Youtuber. It’s not easy but it is the start of the learning curve. This is the best example you can have – a brand launching a product and then a Youtuber making it bigger and better.

Managing and task distribution

Designing the strategy and planning the execution is only 50% of the whole picture. The other big obstacle is the actual execution and getting the right people for different functions. For big organisations, this usually means working with numerous agencies, departments and production talents. Working concurrently with everyone and keeping a multi-disciplinary team on track and informed is one of the main obstacles you`ll need to overcome.

Dissemination and Calendar Planning

One of the best practices when adopting the Hero Hub Help framework is to Create a consolidated calendar and task distribution plan which every stakeholder will stick to. Normally different parties, engaged agencies or individuals will develop their own variations but it is critical to keep everyone aligned to one open calendar.


• Become a Bricklayer was a collaborative project where a series of videos were produced aiming to inspire young Australians to pursue a career in bricklaying. We produced and edited the series of videos which are a good example of Hero Hub Help content.


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