12/03/2024 Moises

How to Leave Feedback on a video in Frame.io

Video Tutorial Presented by Moises Navarro, videographer at MN VIDEOS


Hey there, fantastic clients!

Ready to become feedback ninjas on Frame.io? I'm here to take you on a journey through the ins and outs of leaving your feedback effectively , ensuring our collaboration reaches new heights. Let's embark on this adventure together!

How do I access the review link?

First things first, I'll be sending you a review link via email. This link will grant you access to the draft version of the video I've created for your company. Just click on the link, and it'll take you directly to the video in Frame.io. Easy peasy, right?

How to watch the video faster or slower?

Once you're on Frame.io, you'll see the video player front and centre. Play the video and If you are in a rush, you can speed up the video here. 

speed watch rate

How do I comment on a video time-code?

Below the video player, you'll find a comment section where you can leave your feedback. Don't worry; it's like leaving comments on your favourite social media platform! So when you are ready to leave a comment, just leave it on the right time code. Also, you can leave general comments disabling the time code.

comment 1 MN VIDEOS

After click send, you will need to enter your details. So, I can understand who is giving the feedback.

You don't need to create any account in frame.io

details form

How can I leave feedback for specific sections?

If you are interested to leave a comment for a entire section:

Locate the Section: While watching the video, identify the specific section you want to leave feedback on. Maybe it's a particular scene, a transition, or a segment that needs some adjustments.

Select the In/Out Points: Instead of just pausing the video, you can choose to highlight a specific section by setting in/out points. To do this, simply click and drag on the timeline below the video player to select the starting point (in) and ending point (out) of the section you want to comment on. This allows you to pinpoint exactly where your feedback applies.

time based commenting

Leave Your Comment: Once you've set the in/out points, type your comment into the comment box as usual. This time, your comment will be associated not only with a specific time-code but also with the selected section of the video.

Add Context (Optional): If you want to provide further context or detail about why you're leaving feedback for that particular section, feel free to do so! The more information you provide, the clearer it will be for me to address your feedback effectively.

Post Your Comment: After you've typed out your feedback, hit the "Post" button to submit your comment. Voila! Your feedback is now attached to the specific section of the video you've highlighted.

​How do I add annotations by painting?

paint tool button

Sometimes, it's easier to point things out visually. When making a comment click on the brush and you will access to the tools to paint or add an arrow and more options. allows you to add annotations directly onto the video itself. Just click on the "Annotate" button below the video player, then click and drag on the video to draw attention to specific areas. You can even add text to explain your annotations further. It's like drawing on a whiteboard, but way cooler!

paint tools

What is the review status?

Review status is like a little indicator that shows where we're at with our video. It helps us know if we're still making tweaks or if everything is good to go.

status review

Accessing and Changing Status: You'll find the review status up in the top-right corner of Frame.io. Click on it, and you'll see options like "Needs Review","In Progress" and "Approved." 

Choose "In Progress" when your feedback is consolidated so I can start working on the next version.

When and how are you resolving comments?

Once you've left your feedback, I'll receive a notification and can address each comment individually. Once I've made the necessary changes, I'll mark the comment as resolved. This lets us keep track of what's been addressed and what still needs attention. Collaboration made simple, right?

How can I compare versions and review addressed feedback?

Accessing Version Comparison: Once I message you that a new version is ready, locate the "Versions" tab to compare versions. You can watch both versions side by side, highlighting any differences between them. This allows you to see if previous feedback has been applied and identify any new changes.

comparing 2 diferent versions on frame.io

Reviewing Feedback: Scroll through the versions and review the feedback left on each one. This helps ensure that all requested changes have been addressed and that the video is progressing as desired.

Pro Tip Shortcut: Select any comment to highlight its range. Hit the spacebar to play the range, or activate looping for continuous playback.

loop button

By utilising the version comparison feature, you can easily track the evolution of your video and ensure that feedback is being incorporated effectively. Let's keep refining and improving our project together!

When the video doesn’t need changes, select Approved status so I can organise the final deliveries. 

How do I activate the Guides Aspect Ratio feature?

Click on this icon to see overlay guides on the video, in case you want to imagine different aspect ratios on your final deliveries.

guides on video

How do I download the final video?

Once you receive the new Frame.io link with final deliveries ready to download, open the link in your browser. Look for the download button, usually located near the video player or in the menu options. It might be labelled as "Download" or represented by a downward arrow icon.

download button

Once the download is completed, you'll have the final version of the video saved on your device. You can now use it as needed for your project or share it with others as desired.

Congrats on arriving to the end of the Video Production and Video Editing process !

And that's it, folks! By following these simple steps, you'll be leaving feedback like a pro in no time. Remember, the more detailed your feedback, the better I can tailor the video to meet your needs and expectations. So don't be shy—let your creativity and ideas flow!

If you ever have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out to me anytime. I'm here to make this collaboration as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Let's create something amazing together!

Happy reviewing!