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The company video conveys what your brand is about, the unique value propositions your product or service offers, why the market should consider your company over your competitors, and how you plan on delivering high-quality services.

To create a successful company video is a challenging task. If you consider the average attention span against the amount of information a corporate video needs to communicate, you’re looking at a challenging situation.



The best way to approach this process is if you work with a video marketing agency that understands company values, organisation vision and mission, and most importantly can apply sales and marketing methods to their video production. At MN Videos we take time to fully understand your company objective, as this is very important in formulating the business story that is engaging and compelling as possible. We research and explore your company culture, values, drives and inspiration, and strategically transform all your assets into benefits which the targeted audience can reflect on.

One of our favourite strategies which we apply successfully is the “Why” approach inspired by the “Start with Why” movement started by Simon Sinek in 2009. As he highlights “People believe in what you believe.” That’s why we start our conversation with the question. Why are you running your business? What drives you every day? What are your goals? This transparent approach of sharing your company goals and inspirations is extremely powerful in corporate videos and delivers results.


The company video should also consider your core principles and identity. We care about our clients and our ultimate goal is to help them grow. Our team always do their best to help your business get the most from your corporate video. We usually develop a detailed strategy and adequately help you activate the content to reach your target audience in the most effective way possible.

Whether it’s your first or tenth company video here are tips to help make it a successful one.




Decathlon is a French company in the sports goods space which opened doors in Melbourne in 2018. We were chosen to create a 30s promo video for social media which goal was to introduce the brand to Australians. The call to action was for viewers to sign up for a free gift followed up by attending the opening. We achieved 50% increase in signed up people after the video launch together with 48,000 views in 4 days.

Oceania Seafood Select – Launch Online Store

OS Select is a Melbourne based premium quality seafood provider established in 1983. The company launched a new website in 2018 and we were tasked to write a script and produce a corporate video which presents the refreshed brand in the 30s. The digital asset we created is an evergreen for their website. We focused on 3 main pillars: who is OSSelect, what they do and why they are unique.

Foodtruck Promo Social Media

This 30 sec video was produced for the Social Media campaign aiming to spread the word about the first Burgerlove Food Truck. We had to create a short, funky, playful and complete video targeting the 3 main areas: festival, private and corporate events. The goal of the video was to create a buzz and the CTA was booking the food truck by checking the website, where they could watch the full 1:30s video including interviews. Both videos create the HERO-HUB effect.



What’s Your Company Marketing Strategy?

A successful corporate video considers your business broader marketing mix. It’s a crucial element in the production and it set from a marketing perspective and laying the key business objectives. What do you need the video for? What is your target audience; the whole world, individual, business or a particular industry sector? Also, establish how to measure success in achieving the video objectives.

Creative Video Techniques In Company Video

Our approach in telling your business story highly depends on your brand values and identity. To creatively reflect the qualities of your products and services you need to strategically design the video concept. Invest in planning and creative thinking which is 50% of a successful video. The rest are for filming and activating the video.

Global Company Video

At MN Videos we have international experience and we travel every year to work on projects in Europe and Australia. We are dedicated to helping businesses create the best videos with a fresh approach, boosted creativity and understanding of global markets. By knowing the diversity of your intended global audience, our team chooses the best approach for the desired effect, whoever’s watching.

The Right Videos Production Agency

To create a successful company video, you need a successful and productive working relationship with the best video production and marketing agency. We have experience in both marketing and creative aspects of corporate video communication. Furthermore, we offer excellent advice and guidance from the start of production to market activation. Our producers are experienced account and project management whose strengths are not only the creativity, planning and coordinating but also understanding our clients` needs, keeping all stakeholders updated constantly and delivering projects on time.



The Marketing Potential Of Company Videos

A company video is a vital tool to include in your main marketing campaign media resulting in measurable results. Company video can’t be compared with other static forms of media as you integrate ideas and themes explored in your video with other marketing aspects to help create a unified and joined up strategy at every level of your sales funnel.

Build And Reinforce Company Brand Identity

The company video should be the heart of your digital strategy, which helps you create, promote and reinforce strong corporate brand identity. The corporate video will also drive traffic to your business website and other online marketing materials such as content marketing.


SEO Benefits Of Producing Company Promotional Videos

Company videos can be part of your SEO efforts with a substantial impact, especially on social media and email marketing. Today Google ranks video-related results in the search pages, thus with the right kind of video content and promote your business could land yours on page one of key search terms.

Using A Modular Video Format

You may be tempted to cram much information into a single company video, but instead, you can try and make a series of short videos. Each corporate video should target individual geographic and demographic groups. Also, the videos can be divided into key, services, or business objectives allows you to deliver a series of messages.


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