Are you a business that aims to solve any global issue?


We want to help you by telling your story with video for FREE.

We’ll invest our time, skills and experience to create a video that supports your cause.

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We enjoy making videos but manufacturing content, that only aims at sales and revenue, is not the most important to us. We want to drive change and make the world a better place for us. The goal is to continue this project and support one purpose driven organization every year.


How does the program work?

“Change the world” is an unconventional program that allows purpose driven organizations to leverage the power of video for their cause. The selected candidate will be able to work with the MN Videos team on a video project without being charged for it. The program involves meetings, workshops, creative and planning sessions, filming, and editing. 

We aim to make this annual tradition and use our skills, knowledge, experience, and time to make some good.

What are the eligibility criteria?

This program is open to start ups, non-for-profit organizations or established business, who are based, operating or/and manufacturing in Australia and:

  • Have a registered Australian business number (ABN)
  • Are solving global issues that have a negative impact on the community or environment: poverty, regional conflicts, child poverty and abuse, human rights violations, war crimes descrimination, marine pollution, gender equality, ozone depletion, climate change, overconsumption.
  • Have a market-ready product/service

If selected for the program what am I gaining?

-Develop a strategy for your video project that includes (valued at $3,700): 

  • Learn how to outline your video objective and to draft a plan how to achieve it
  • Understand how to measure the success of your video 
  • Collaborate with MN videos in various production meetings and workshops 

-Receive 1 produced video that includes (valued at $4,000):

  • Length up to 4 mins
  • Script/Video Concept
  • Recording 1 days
  • Royalty free music and video stock footage 
  • 2 days editing: titles, motion graphics, animation, post production, color grading and captions.

Receive up to 2 social media shortcuts of up to 30 seconds. (A highlights from the big video)

-Get advice with uploading and managing your video in YouTube channel 

-Apply major video SEO principles

What is not included?

-Talent or shooting permits are not included.

-Transport fees apply when you are out of the metropolitan Melbourne area. 

-Additional rental special equipment 

-Studio rent

-Special animation or/and 3D effects

How to apply?

Submit the application form before December 20th, 2021.

The selected candidate will be announced on December 22nd, 2021.

What's the selection criteria?

When reviewing applications we’ll consider the following:

  • The level your business/solution/product/service addresses the problem
  • The impact your business/solution/product/service has in that area
  • Project location
  • Existence of previous video efforts 
  • How realistic your goal/project/video idea is
  • Ability to be completed in the program timeframes

When will the video be ready?

It will depend on how busy we are with other projects. We cannot predict an exact ETA but ideally we can plan, film and edit by the end of January. Of course, we will work closely with the selected applicant and will estimate an approximate deadline.

Can I apply if I want to create a video for a kickstarter campaign?

One of our eligibility criteria is to be an established business with a product/service on the market. So this will be a priority when reviewing applications. However, there are always exceptions and we might get too excited about your idea and jump straight into it. So, feel free to apply. 

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