If you want to introduce your unique software to the world
or present an MVP to prospective customers then
software demo video is by far the best way to do it.

Why You Should Make Software Demo Videos

Fast and Effective

The reason why Software Demo Videos are so effective is that they have the ability to visualise a huge amount of information in the shortest amount of time. With the power of video, you can introduce your software in a matter of seconds, something that it might take hours to explain via text.


Combining various techniques in your software video help your viewers to immediately imagine a problem, a process or a product feature as a solution. Really quickly you can make your audience reflect on real-life scenarios. Without a doubt, the video is the fastest, most engaging and efficient marketing tool for Software products.

Choosing the right Visual Style for Your Software Video

Whether a scenery from a chaotic city square, an eye-resting landscape or something entirely fictional, the point of choosing the style of your demo is to make sure that it matches your brand’s qualities and values. The visual scenery can add identity to your demo and make your brand more recognizable.

The Marketing Benefits of Software Demos

By being a part of the Help category from the Google Help, Hub, Hero video marketing approach, software demonstration videos give your brand a chance to grow. By making quick helpful video guides that can be shared on social media platforms, you will not only keep your users engaged but you will also expand your profile and get even more customers.



TrainerPro : Weight Loss Workout & Fitness Trainer

ITspresso is a digital agency and we produced a 1 minute video for Google Play store. We used 3 main personas enjoying different sports indoor or outdoor with the aim to show how easy and enjoyable it is to use the app. The goal of this video was to explain what is the app about to the App store users prior to download.

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Party Maniac

Party Maniac is a Spanish start-up which created an app for events` tickets and offers – one hub for everything. MNVideos created a corporate video which the main goal is to explain how the application works. In addition, we incorporated animations and artistic elements in the end.

OARSIS - Playground Co-working

OARSIS is an Incubator for Virtual reality start-ups based in Madrid Spain. They were looking for Start-Up teams application and the goal of this 1min video was to increase website visitors and potentially the number of Incubator applications. MNVideos created a video with main strategy to give less information and trigger the target market interest. The CTA was to visit OARSIS website and watch the full video version and learn about the application process. We have here the HERO – HUB effect.


The Most Important Creative Elements in Software Demo Videos

1. Screenshots in Software Demo Videos

The usage of screenshots is an inevitable part of a high-quality software demo video. But, as important as they are, presenting with screenshots can be quite boring. In order to avoid putting off viewers, you need to make sure that the content is flawless and all of the main factors are covered. A great way to add personality to your video is to use video screenshots instead of static ones. That way you will make sure that all of the details are visible and your software will be much more presentable.

2. Green Screen Technology

Using a green screen is the best way to transport your presenter into your desired environment without spending a big budget to actually send the whole team to another geographic location. This is super beneficial because it allows you to combine different techniques like animation and screen capture together with the human presence. Which means that you can focus on both explaining key product features while engaging the viewers. The green screen allows you to create a cohesive connection between the visual effects and the voice over which creates a powerful visual story. On top of that the brand identity, colours and consistency can be kept during the whole video.

3. Including Extra Graphics

Software products are not physical objects and in most scenarios, they include more abstract concepts. That’s why we believe that spicing up your video with some extra corporate graphics assets is the best way to explain abstract terms, facts and figures or industry statistics. Developing your own graphics assets is an opportunity to differentiate your brand, style and product from the competitors.

4. With or without a presenter

The main obstacle when it comes to presenting software is giving it personality and character. In order to make the software demo appealing and make it a bit more human, many providers choose a presenter to do the voice over so the demonstration will look (and sound) more natural. This creates an opportunity for you to craft and tell an appealing story that will keep the attention of the viewers. Including a presenter to your demos makes your company seem more user-friendly and personal.

5. What exactly to show

Software Demos have a complex nature because they need to achieve 2 very different purposes. First, they need to keep the audience engaged and second to explain key product features which are two confronting goals. This very often leads to confusion and unclear message. That’s why a more overall strategic approach is required. The easiest way to avoid confusion and increase clarity is to focus on one feature at the time. By focusing on one topic, problem or user journey you can explain more clearly the product and keep the interest of the right people.

6. Choose Uniqueness

Keep in mind that you are not the inventor of software demos. There are a lot of other demonstration demos, each providing tons of creative ideas. In order for your company to stay in the game, you need to offer something unique that your users can relate to. Take a peek at your competition and see what they are providing the customers with. Then, compare to what you are bringing to the table and find a way to make your software demo really stand out.

What to consider before Making Software Demos

Before you start the process of making your software demo videos, there are some important things that you need to be aware of.
Read on to find out what are these watch-outs:

  • First of all, define your primary goal. Why are you making the software demo? Are you looking for a way to advertise your software or are you trying to explain to users how your software can be used? Perhaps you want to achieve both things? Determining what your main aim is will allow you to stay focused and take the next steps accordingly.First of all, define your primary goal. Why are you making the software demo? Are you looking for a way to advertise your software or are you trying to explain to users how your software can be used? Perhaps you want to achieve both things? Determining what your main aim is will allow you to stay focused and take the next steps accordingly.
  • Think about what your target audience is. Are they tech experts or not? Your demo should offer a solution to their problems so make sure that you are providing that clearly. If your video is targeted to both, tech experts and financial managers, you might want to create two demos, one for the financial team and one more advanced IT professionals.
  • Is your budget realistic enough to cover your creative concept? It is known that shorter demos (2-3 minutes) are more effective than those that last longer. However, consider carefully the concept and if it connects with the goal. Re consider your budget and whether you can really pull it off.
  • It is known by a fact that shorter videos bring more value, so do your best to keep things clear and to the point. If there is a lot of material to be covered, it is best if you take the modular approach and create a series of short demos, each of them covering an individual aspect of your software.
  • Will your presenter be someone from your company? Or are you looking to hire a professional to do it? The point is for the presenter to be both knowledgeable and natural in front of the camera. So weigh the pros and cons before deciding.
  • If you can roll up your sleeves and write down a rough initial script that would be the best choice, as no one is as knowledgeable about your product/service as you are. This can save you a lot of time and money. Do not worry about the details at this stage as the scripting will be refined in the next stages.
  • If thinking about including screenshots, make sure to leave this job to the software experts. Getting the screenshots recordings in line with the timing of the script is essential for a high-quality demo.

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