Adobe After Effects Template Customization

Do you need a dynamic and inexpensive video for your website or social media?

Using video templates is a smart way for cutting costs. Adobe After effects is a software which is used for creating motion graphics and visual effects for film, TV, video, & the web. There are a lot of websites which sell amazing video templates such as Motionarray, Videohive, Rocketstock, Storyblocks… Even some of these websites offer templates for free. And we are here to help you with the customization!

For who is this service?

You found the perfect video template for your business
You don’t have time to learn to use After Effects
You don’t want to pay for the software license
You are in a rush and need the Video Editing done

Perfect! We will customize the template for you in 24-72 hours after files are provided.

How does it work?


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Submit your video requirements and provide the video template link.
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Approve the quote and proceed to payment.


Provide all the files:

✔ Video template file
✔ Videos/Photos
✔ The replacement text for the template
✔ Logo with transparent background: PNG, PSD or Illustrator formats accepted
✔ Audio if required


Review 1st draft


Final feedback and approval of the video!


Post your video!

Why us?

Fast Delivery

Delivery in approx. 24-72 hours after all required files are provided.

Same Time Zone

(GMT+10) Based in Melbourne, VIC Australia

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You can communicate with us in English or Spanish if you prefer.

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